Why you shouldn't use mod_userdir

I commonly see people use or want to use IP/~/username on shared servers.

I wouldn't recommend this is because you now created additional work that will be required to make the site live.

  • As if you use a CMS you now will have to either blindly change all t...

Did you know some pubic DNS resolvers give you the ability to clear there cache?

Why would you want to do this you ask?

Well, what if you have you TTL's set high and you unintentionally broke something.

With resolvers that let us clear there cache, we can reduce the impact something like this...

Disable hyper threading on ubuntu or Debian

I tested a few different ways and to disable hyper threading and this is what I landed on

Tested on ubuntu 18.04 and debain 9

Non persistent

echo off > /sys/devices/system/cpu/smt/control

To make it presistant

  • make a /etc/rc.local...

So you looking to be able to use your protron vpn subscription on your chromebook.

Well you won't be able to just import one of the .ovpn files as there is now way to directly.

  1. You will need to convert the files first to an onc file. The easiest way I have found to convert the files is to us...

This is a write up on how I fixed why borderlands 2 would not launch.

So the symptom was that when I tried to launch Borderlands 2 from the steam client all it would do is act like it was going to open then it would crash before the game would open.

The Problem Turns out the game needed was libo...